You are not enough.

Your house is not clean enough.

The birthday party isn't pinteresty enough.

Your kids don't behaved well enough.

Your marriage isn't strong enough.

You don't have enough money in savings.

Your car isn't new enough.

The dinner isn't healthy enough.

You aren't a good enough wife.

You don't spend enough time with Jesus.

You aren't a good enough friend.

You aren't home enough.

You aren't vacationing enough.

You don't smile often enough.

You aren't resting enough.

You aren't patient enough.

Your job doesn't pay enough.

You don't work out enough.

You're not a good enough mom.

You don't know enough.

You don't laugh enough.

You are not qualified enough.

You are not enough.

I am not enough.

And that is absolutely okay.

I was not made to be enough. And sister, neither were you.

Our society tells us all. the. time. that we are enough.... if we just work hard enough. We are told that if we do enough self care, if we read enough self-help books, if we wake up early and spend our days being productive, that we will be enough! We will reach that status! We can make it on our own!

But listen. We are not enough. Period. We were made to be not enough. Because in our not-enough-ness, we seek Jesus. Because He IS enough. He is all. I am not.

When I strive to be enough, when I try to do all the things, be all the things and buy all the things, I just get burnt out. I am never satisfied, I am never fulfilled. AND THAT IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. We are supposed to long for Jesus. We are supposed to ache to seek His presence in everything.

Because He is enough, we can be content. We can rest in His promises.

He promises that He will work all things out for good (Romans 8v28) - even when we mess up in our marriage.

He promises that His grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12v9) - even when I yell at my kids (again).

He promises that He will give me strength (Isaiah 40v29) - even when I am tired.

He promises that His unfailing love will never be shaken (Isaiah 54v10) - even when I am shaky.

He promises to forgive me (1 John 1v9) - even when I screw up with my friend.

He promises that He will meet all my needs (Philippians 4v19) - even when I feel bound up by finances.

He promises that He will fight for me (Exodus 14v14) - even when I fight with my husband.

He promises to give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37v4) - even when I don't have joy.

I choose to stop striving to be enough in my own strength. I choose to stop trying to make it on my own. I choose to not be perfect, and be 100% okay with that.

I am not enough. And I love that.