Oh, hey there!

I'm Kelsey! 


 I am a native Oregonian transplanted to Texas.

I love my hubby, kids, workout clothes, top knots and iced coffee. Cliche? Maybe. But if you stick around, you'll find I'm anything but typical. 

Keep reading to learn more about me!  

I am a lover of Jesus, a crazy-in-love wife and mama to three little ladies. My husband and I were foster parents for 4.5 years up until really recently. We've been foster mama and dad to 10 kiddos and still have a great relationship with many of our kids! We have also "adopted" our 20 year old babysitter and can't imagine life without her. We even convinced her to move half way across the country with us!


Oh yeah... that's a fun fact too! We just packed up our life in Oregon and moved to Texas... not knowing a single soul here! I'll share more on that soon. But let's just say it was a huge leap of faith and something we've felt a huge calling on our lives to do! So we obeyed, because why not? My husband quit his corporate, stable, wonderful job... we sold our house... sold everything we owned besides one car and two Uboxes of sentimental stuff, bought a motorhome and road tripped it through 6 states over about 4 weeks to land here in Texas. We had an absolute blast and are finally starting to get settled in here.


A few other fun things about me... I am a surrogate! I'm due in June! I'm one of those weirdo's that love to be pregnant and LOVE giving birth! Giving birth to our sweet girls were the three most empowered, life giving (ha! literally!), incredible moments of my life. And I can't wait to do it again... this time getting to help a families dream come true!


What else? If you met me now - you know, in real life - you would have NO clue what my past holds. Which is why I am a firm believer that we each have a story to tell, and we each have a life to live out that will better the world we live in.

So there ya have it - a little (or a lot) about me! I'd love to know more about you! Feel free to leave a comment or message me and introduce yourself! Don't forget to fill out that little form that asks for your emails so you receive all my updates! 

So come on in. Grab some iced coffee, a comfy cozy chair, light an amazing smelling candle, put on your favorite tunes and join me!