1 Week Postpartum Update

Delivery day versus 1 week postpartum... amazing what birthing a 9 lb 8 ounce 22” long baby will do to ya!

Since so many of you have been following along in my surrogacy journey from the beginning, I though I’d give a little update now that it’s been a week since I delivered my belly buddy!

A huge thank you to every one of you that have reached out - whether it was an encouraging text, a random phone call, beautiful flowers, delicious meals for our family, or a chance for me to process through everything with you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Y’all have made recovering so, so great!

Also - huge shout out to my incredible husband who has been home with me to care for our girls so I can focus on healing. Thank you for loving me, letting me cry for no reason, and making sure I don’t over do it.

So! The most common question/comment I got before delivering as well as after was something to the extent of “how will it feel to give up/away the baby??” I’ve answered this many times prior to giving birth, explaining that he isn’t my baby and I’m not giving him up or giving him away - that he has been his mama and daddy’s from day 1.... and that I get to give him back! There is no part of him that is from me. I just got to grow him 😊. Now, after giving birth, I can say that I never once felt like he was mine, or that I was giving him up or giving him away. Never once. I would look at him and see his mom and dad and sisters! I had no attachment to him, besides “aw he’s so cute!” I am so excited to get to see him grow and their family be complete!

Something else I got often was “your brain knows he isn’t yours but your body doesn’t... how will that work out?” Honestly? Its worked out great! Healing from giving birth without having to care for a newborn (and be up all night with them) has been a dream! Seriously! I wish every new mama could get full nights of sleep and all the rest that they could dream of... because it has made my recovery so great!

Lots of you asked if my milk would come in... YUP. With a vengeance. Our bodies are incredible y’all! I am not pumping - yes, I know I could pump and donate or sell my milk... but have chosen not to. So been working hard on drying up my milk, trying to avoid mastitis, and hoping my body gets the hint... SOON! Because #ouch.

Emotions - that’s been a big question too! “How are you emotionally going to handle this?!” Saturday evening and Sunday were tough emotionally. I just let myself feel the emotions I felt and be okay with them. I would cry for no reason... that was 100% my hormones raging through me! Saying goodbye to Michelle and Justin at the hospital was tough. This couple has become friends of ours, and we’ve shared an incredible experience together... saying goodbye, knowing this chapter was closing, was tough! Saturday and Sunday were emotional... but I woke up Monday feeling more like myself than I have in a while! And it was amazing!

There you have it... overall this week, closing this chapter, has been great! Being a surrogate has truly been one of the best things I’ve done in my life!

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